lördag 14 november 2015

Thomas and friends at Glenbrook Vintage Railway

We had been looking forward to this day for a while, especially Caesar of course. There are a bunch of vintage railways in New Zealand but Glenbrook Vintage Railway is the only one that is located near Auckland, about 40 minutes drive from the city center.

Two weekends per year, in november and mars, this vintage railway has Thomas and friends theme. Since New Zealand is so influenced by british culture, Thomas and friends is much more popular here than in Sweden. Different countries, different trends I guess.

The thing Caesar enjoyed the most this day was actually painting trains made of plaster, so maybe we won´t pay 60 bucks for a trainride in the near future again. We have promised him to buy some plaster diy to make and paint at home our own though. :)

The trains were really cute and we went on this train for a 45 minute ride, where we made a stop to go out and have a look at some other old and beautiful trains, like the one you see at the topmost picture.

We were seated in a really cute wagon and the train went through a really idyllic countryside setting.

After the visit to the bustling railway we were in desperate need of a flat white, the down under-version of cappuccino. In this country you rarely get a bad cup of coffee! We made a stop at Calendula cottages nearby the railway, a garden café in lovely setting, before heading back to town.

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