fredag 13 november 2015

Open day at school

Caesar is attending class 0 in a primary school in Auckland. Next year he will be starting year 1, but I am amazed of the level of knowledge and education the class hold already. The good schools in New Zealand is way ahead of the swedish schools, but the segregation does not give all children this chance.

To be attending a top school in Auckland you have to live within the school area. Good schools push real estate prices up significantly.

Yesterday the parents were invited to attend all classes in his primary school. I stayed in his classroom all the time, since I have been really curious of the teaching here. I love his teacher mrs Jackson and so does Caesar. She has so much engagement and puts a lot of heart into her work with the kids.

The theme for the parental session was time. Mrs Jackson split the class into 6 groups and they were all rotating to different stations doing chores that had to do with time, reading and understanding how to interpret watches. The whole class worked with such frenzy and I was really impressed of how everybody in the class took on their chores with enthusiasm and creativity.

I was also very happy to see that Caesar was coping along just fine, since he only have been to school for 2 month and didn´t know the language when he started. He understood what to do and needs more practicing in writing than the other children, but we are working on that.

Schooling was one of the issues we were thinking about when moving to New Zealand. When I grew up the school I was attending wasn't very good and it seems there has been a decline since then unfortunately. I am so happy being able to give Caesar the chance for a better school experience than I had.

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  1. Great for the parents to be allowed to attend school for a whole day! It does seem a great school!

    1. Ja, jag var väldigt nyfiken på att se både Caesar och hela klassen in action. Övriga tider är vi föräldrar inte tillåtna att vara med på klassrumsundervisningen, förutom de danssessioner de har vissa morgnar. Har du varit med i barnens skola?