söndag 22 november 2015

Snowball fight in New Zealand

Well, in the Auckland area snow never shows. We went shopping stuff for our home yesterday and when we left the furniture warehouse yesterday we heard a bunch of people screaming and shouting. When we went by the Paradise Ice Skating place we found the reason why.

The kids outside the ice skating place were having a snowball fight! I must say that it didn´t look a bit like the snowball fights I am used to growing up and living in Sweden though. No flip flops and shorts there...

Otherwise this week has meant a lot of working hours for me and Caesar has an infection in one of his teeth, so we have been staying at home a lot this week and weekend. The weather has been quite bad this week as well ending with a huge storm on saturday night.

We had to spoil the sick little one and he just loved this gift.

We could not miss the night market, three saturdays in a row we have been there enjoying vietnamese fresh springrolls and buying Clevedon strawberries for sunday breakfast. So yummie!

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