torsdag 12 november 2015

the 26 happiest, richest, healthiest and most crime-free countries in the world - Sweden and New Zealand in the top!

Okay, time for me to start blogging in english, since I now live in an english speaking nation.

I am surely lucky to be able to live in two of the top ranked countries in the world according to this yearly compilation. Also as a citizen of a country in EU I would have the ability to live in all of the ones in to 5. New Zealand is the hardest country for me to be resident in, but thanks to my husband we managed that as well.

Sweden comes in place no 5 and New Zealand in place no 4 when The Legatum Institute compares the countries of the world every year. Sweden receives no 5 since it has the worlds highest level of entrepreneurship. I am not so certain they do. In New Zealand you can have a smaller company without registration, so the amount of small unregistered companies in Auckland is massive.

I surely agree with both the fact that many big brands and innovation has it´s origins from Sweden as well as the claim that the community engagement in New Zealand is impressive! There is always gatherings, events, markets and festivals going on and there is always a lively crowd everywhere. People really invite you as a newcomer and take care of one another in a way we do not in Sweden.

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