torsdag 19 november 2015

Swedish bloggers in New Zealand

For many people New Zealand is a dream destination and I don´t blame them, since this country is God damn beautiful! So, how many swedes live in NZ? Not that many, but here comes a list of some swedish bloggers living in this country or that has been travelling in New Zealand. Please let me know if I have missed anyone!

Living in New Zealand

Ola & Ingrid Hoelstad, who participated in the swedish tv-show: Familjer på äventyr(=families on an adventure, which was about swedish families who had chosen different ways of lives in various parts of the globe). They live and trade coffee out of their motorhome in New Zealand.

A big family consisting of 5 adults and 2 kids who has moved to a rural part of Coromandel peninsula to start a tourist business, Anglers lodge. They are writing about the massive immigration process that we all need to go through to move to NZ and their lives here as they build and run their business.
Familjen Wahlgren i NZ

Åsa who has lived in New Zealand with her Kiwi husband has been blogging about her life her in a couple of years and the difficulties to live so far away from loved ones. She has recently moved from Auckland to the beautiful region of Nelson in the south island.

Travellers in New Zealand

A swedish girl is currently tramping 3000 km through New Zealand and rasing money for a cancer charity at the same time! You can find her blog here:

Swedish travelbloggers that has written about their travels och lifes in New Zealand are these great blogs:

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  1. Bilden på fåren påminner mej om mitt Wales!!!
    Tack för tipsen!

    1. Hehe, jag kan tänka mig det, men inte mannen längst ner som gör en haka väl? :)

  2. Tack för länk till oss, och också till andra intressanta och inspirerande sidor! Några som jag inte kände till...

  3. Vilken kul idé att lista Nya Zeeland-bloggare! :)