tisdag 29 december 2015

Wonderful Russell

We spent a weekend in Paihia in the Bay of Islands the days before Christmas. The weather was great and Northland really showed itself from its best side. Great timing we did book a motel with a pool, since we used it a lot after returning from our daily excursions.

One of these excursions took us to the terribly cute town of Russell and here we found a place for Caesar to play. I really like the playgrounds in New Zealand, since they always offer the kids some real climbing and adventurous way to play. The kids in NZ are very physical, climbing trees and playing around, and their playgrounds is a great way to improve those climbing skills.

Lika a jungle gym!

The whitewashed little city was the first european settlement and a long time it was described as the hellwhole of the Pacific. This place was crawling with bandits, boose and pirates, but today the city is really idyllic and totally safe. ;)

This town is very popular to live in for artists and crafty people and off course, a lot of people are involved in tourism here.

Too cute!

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  1. Åh! Idylliskt! Och ett jakarandaträd i blom! Här dröjer det nog fem månader innan de blommar!

    1. Aha, är det så de heter de lila träden som blommar överallt? De jag har lärt mig här är de med röda blommor som heter Pohutukawa & kallas NZ:s julträd då de blommar rött nu & finns en masse här!