torsdag 24 december 2015

Christmas home or away?

First of all I wish you a very merry Christmas!

I love the Christmas in Sweden, but I also love to travel. When you are married to a man with employment it´s so easy to travel in Christmastime, with all those extra holiday-days. This year we are celebrating in our new home country New Zealand for the first time.

2014: Last year we spent Christmas in Almunecar in Spain, as a starting point for our trip around the world. We visited Alhambra during Christmas 2014.

2013: We spent Christmas in St Nicolaus birthplace in Patara, a part of the beautiful Lycean coast in Turkey. The places we visited were magical!

2012: Christmas in Sweden and new year eve in Madeira in Portugal.

Back to 2015! In Sweden we are celebrating Christmas eve, so this morning we started with a coffee and some saffronbuns when opening the Christmaspresents. Caesar bought gifts for us in a cute shop that had a part only open to kids, so he picked out a gift each for me, dad and granny. So cute!

After that we had breakfast by the farmers market and then...

...we all went to see Star Wars, so no, we are not very traditional people, no. This afternoon we will have some drinks at our neighbours house and Skype with grandpa. A lovely Christmas eve for sure!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Kul att läsa om era utlandsjular! Önskar er en fin jul i år, traditionell eller inte!

    1. Detsamma! Jag hoppas migränen ger med sig snart!

  2. Vi tycker också det är skönt att få göra lite som vi vill på julafton, som förstås firas hemma i Bortugal! Surf och bacalhau har det blivit hittills idag! God Jul!

    1. Ni ser ut att ha en underbar julafton med! God Jul!