torsdag 3 december 2015

Already december - how did that happen?!

This weekend I saw a lot of pictures from Sweden where the first weekend of Advent is a really big deal! I had totally forgot it and lack all sence of Christmas feelings. My sister just asked me on Skype if I had made some Christmas decorations around the house. I haven´t even started and I think there won't be that many either.

In Sweden I decorate mainly with candles and flowers, but here the evenings are too light and the flowers I have seen are summer flowers. Well well...

Here is a collage showing my pictures from November.

A beautiful walk to and from school as always. Today I am working and later on I'm having my first guitar lesson - fun, fun, fun!

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  1. Man kan nog skippa de yttre attributen som brukar höra julen till, när man bor där de inte behövs för att lysa upp i mörkret, och fokusera på de inre. Frid och kärlek.