onsdag 23 december 2015

Whale Bay and Matapouri beach - a beach and a hike

Oh my, oh my, we just returned home after a visit to Whangarei and Bay of Islands. We have had marvellous days and we have seen and done so much! We have been on a farmers market, Kauri museum, Kauri forest, hiking, dolphin safari, the cute town of Russell, swimming in the sea and pool, seen a waterfall and gourgeous beaches.

The most beautiful ones we visited was Whaly Bay and Matapouri beach at the Tutukaka coast outside Whangarei. This is just a 3 hours drive from Auckland which is pretty amazing, since it is pure heaven!

We spent some wonderful hours on the beach and in the water at Whale bay. You reach the beach through a short and bushy walk from the carpark.

Our cute, little dwarf. :)

Another great thing about these two beaches is that there is a gourgeous walking track that links them together. You can park at either of the beaches and then walk by the coast is a bit steep at times, but there are staircases whenever needed. The walk takes about 20-30 minutes one way. The views are just amazing!

It is said that on a clear day it is possible to see fishes and sting rays at the clear water down below, but unfortunately we had no such luck.

When living in New Zealand you just have to have a sunhat, since the sun is terribly strong and dangerous. Niklas bought a new one the day after this hike, since he became quite red after this day even though he put massive sunscrean on and even though we only use SPF 30 or 50 here.

The stairs leading down to Matapouri beach.

Another beautiful beach, that we visited in february 2015. We made a quick stop here and then we went back to Whale bay where granny, a sip of water and a dip in the ocean was waiting for us.

Whale bay - we will be back!

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